The first phase is a 3 week “Drone Boot Camp” where Vet’s will be instructed on the aeronautical and regulatory knowledge needed to pass the FAA’s Part 107 Remote Pilot test. They will also be given Practical Flight Training in order to pass a Basic Proficiency Evaluation for Remote Pilots. Upon completion of the Drone Boot Camp the Vet will have obtained their FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certification and the Basic Proficiency Evaluation for Remote Pilot (BPERP) Certification.

The second phase instructs the Vet in the Core Fundamentals of Drone Operations. Subjects include setup and operation of a Drone Program, Drone Technology, Sensors, Mission Planning and Execution, and Practical Flight Operations to include both manual and automated missions. 

The third phase is a deeper dive into industry specific Drone Ops such as Power Distribution Inspection, Infrastructure Inspection, Construction Monitoring, Agriculture, Drone Delivery, and Public Safety to name a few.

The Vets to Drones program consists of 3 training phases. 

The use and capabilities of Drones continues to grow dramatically and the Vet’s to Drones program is designed to scale up as the need for qualified Remote Pilots continues to expand.